School on Wheels (SOW)

Since 2008


School on Wheels aims to deliver holistic education to drop outs and never been to school kids. The mobile school will nurture every child’s cognitive, emotional and social competencies and mainstream these kids into formal schools after a year. SOW will continue to mentor and make them role models for others in the community. Along with a rigorous curriculum, SOW will incorporate different contemporary and alternative teaching tools like arts, sports, dance, drama, games and technology.

Why such an intervention?

While working with kids through Empowerment Dream Program (EDP), Project Crayons observed that while a large number of kids want to study and make best possible use of EDP, they do not have basic skills to perform in school; some students drop out and discontinue. Hence, Project Crayons decided to intervene and thus created SOW as a tool to bridge this gap.

There are several NGOs that are doing quality work for the underprivileged children and have education units all around slums in Mumbai. But the homeless population is so large and most of the children are “mobile” lot who are working to support themselves or their families. Several kids drop out of school or never attend school from such communities for several other reasons like: failure to pass examinations, lack of good quality English medium schools, lack of funds etc.


EDP was our inspiration to do something for the
drop out kids.

School On Wheels programme is a step ahead which aims to inspire and invest in students and further improve the educational skills of children in such communities. This model will be replicated in other cities/smaller towns that need such kind of interventions. It will be an informal institution accessible to all disadvantaged children and will educate thousands all over India!


  • To deliver holistic education and mainstream each SOW student in formal English medium schools through Leadership Paathshala.

  • To provide continuous support to students graduating from Leadership Paathshala and entering formal schools through Community Leadership Centre. The students will get additional support from teachers in their academics before or after school. The centre will also provide leadership training by building their soft skills, team building and critical thinking skills. More intensive study will take place during vacation and classes will be designed to challenge the students.

  • To inspire and empower people from the community through “Train the Trainer” programme, a professional development program to support teachers in developing the necessary mindsets and skills. SOW’s long term objective is that the entire community should take ownership of the centre and SOW will train people from the community to become teachers and support their livelihood, in turn making SOW a sustainable programme.

  • To empower every teacher to enhance student outcomes by nurturing every child’s cognitive, emotional and social competencies.


Pilot Project - Mankhurd, Maharashtra India

No of students enrolled: 94
No of students mainstreamed: 51

Ongoing project - Ambujwadi - Malwani, Maharashtra India

Total number of students: 100

Help SOW empower children through education and a lifelong commitment to learning.

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